Recreational cheerleading providing performance and competitive offerings for athletes ages 3-14.


Performance Cheer: 3 - 4 - & 5 years old will be on team Futures. These athletes must be potty trained and currently in daycare/school or organized activity.

6 - 14 years old will be placed on age-based teams.

Competitive Cheer: 6 - 14 years old will be place on age and level appropriate teams.


Performance Team Season: 7/31/22 thru 11/18/23 (super bowl)

Competitive Season: 7/24/23 thru 12/3/23 (could extend due to comp)


Summer Outdoor Practice:

Arbutus Middle School open grass areas

Winter Indoor Practice:

Relay Elementary School


Performance Practice:

Mon & Wed - 6:15 to 8:15pm ** futures times may vary **

Competitive Practice:

Mon/Wed/Thur - 6:15 to 8:15pm


Arbutus has returned to the new CCYFCL (Carroll County Youth Football and Cheerleading League). Currently there are 10 programs that represent the CCYFCL which will have rotating games throughout the season. Cheerleaders are required to cheer for a certain number of games in order to be eligible to compete. A game schedule with locations will be provided in August. Parents can expect up to 1 hour travel time for some field locations


Cheerleaders will be provided with the following uniform pieces depending on their team placement:

Performance: game day - showcase/ccfl comp - bows - cold weather top - special homecoming attire

Competitive: game day - competition - bows - special homecoming attire

Extra Costs

Cheerleaders will be required to purchase specific additional uniform pieces, more information to follow.

ALL cheerleaders regardless of performance or competitive will be required to have either a MD State ID or a CCYFCL League ID. More information to follow.

Each team will collect money towards game day snacks and team gifts for competitions and homecoming. Amount TBD

FALL 2023


Registering cheerleaders will have the choice of two cheerleading tracks, Performance Cheer and Competitive Cheer. Every cheerleader will be placed on a Performance Cheer team with the opportunity to be evaluated for placement on a Competitive Cheer team. 

Registration fee for both tracks is $185 and covers uniforms, bows, new homecoming items, as well as cover league & program fees. Competitive Cheer will have an additional fee. 

PERFORMANCE CHEER: AGES 3-14, is your cheerleader new to cheer and just wants a chance to see what it's all about? Are you as a parent not up for the commitment of competitive cheer? NO WORRIES, then this new performance track is just right for you! It's a great introduction to competitive cheer without the pressure or commitment competition cheer requires!

AGES: 3, 4 or 5 years old will automatically be placed on our futures team. However, they will still follow and be included in all aspects of the performance cheer track! This team will carry 12 athletes. Anything after will be placed on a wait list. All futures athletes MUST BE potty trained and currently in daycare/school or organized group activity. 

AGES: 6-14 will be placed on age-based teams. 

ALL performance rec cheerleaders will:

- practice 2 days a week

- 1 game on Saturday

- participate in program showcase & league competition

COMPETITIVE CHEER:  6-14 years old, cheerleaders with elite level skills and a desire to be pushed to the next level of cheer. Cheerleaders interested in attending evaluations for placement consideration for a Fall 2023 Competitive Cheer team should indicate so on the registration form.  Please note that if your cheerleader makes a competitive team, there will be an additional fee applied to registration to cover the remaining fees above regular season costs. More details on Competitive Cheer team fees will be provided prior to evaluations.

ALL competitive rec cheerleaders will:

- practice 3 days a week

- 1 game on Saturday

- participate in program showcase

- participate in 3 possibly 4 competitions

Please know that ALL cheerleaders will be placed on a team whether it is a performance team or competitive team. AGE cheer has a place for everyone! 

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